Stunning Radiant Cut Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring

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Embedding diamonds by handcraft. Exquisite design made perfect for an engagement ring, wedding ring, promise ring, bridal ring set, anniversary ring, couples ring, and more. Wonderful gifts for birthdays, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all other occasions.

Our mission is to create premium stones that shine like a natural diamond. Gemstone types, shapes, colors, and cuts were carefully designed and handcrafted to perfection. Our sona simulated diamond collection is synonymous with elegance and beauty. Leading new trends through high-quality jewelry at a very affordable price.


Our Sona Simulated Diamonds are similar to natural diamonds in appearance. It is difficult to distinguish the two with the naked eyes. However, its market price is much cheaper than natural diamonds. Each stone is cut to maximize the radiance with the intent to create a collectible custom piece. Unique precision cutting ensures its brilliance. Our sona simulated diamonds are polished with natural diamond polishing wheels- the exact process to polish high-quality natural stones. Expert diamond cutters guarantee that our Sona Simulated Diamonds are a cut above the rest. Scratch-resistant and comfortable for daily wear. With proper care and cleaning, your sona simulated diamond jewelry can be treasured for a lifetime. In order to simulate the amazing fire and brilliance of a natural diamond, our proprietary stone is hand-cut and faceted in-house to shine brilliantly and provide a beautiful sparkle with bright, vibrant color. We are confident that you will not find a better alternative in the market that shares the same quality and affordability as our stones.

This beauty comes with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY and backed by our 30-Day Guarantee.

Gem Type: Sona Simulated Diamond
Center Stone Weight : 3.0 Carat
Center Stone Shape : Radiant Cut
Center Stone Size: 7*9mm
Center Stone Color: Yellow Sapphire
Side Stone SIze: 1.25mm
Side Stone Shape: Round Cut
Side Stone Color: White Stone
Ring information:
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
Bandwidth: 1.6mm
Plating Color: White Gold
Prong?Plating Color: Yellow Gold
Rhodium: Yes
Nickel Free: Yes