2021 Smart Led Pix Backpack LED Advertising Light Waterproof WiFi Version Backpack Outdoor Climb Bag Walking Billboard Bags

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1.Product name: LED Smart Pixel Backpack
2.Screen size: 25 *26cm
3.Backpack size: 30 * 13 * 43cm
4.Product net weight: 1.25KG
5.Screen points: 16 * 16
6.Screen pixels: 96 * 128
7.Communication method: WIFI link, mobile application control,
DIY display effect Program support: text / picture / graphics / GIF animation Start-up mode: mobile power supply (10000Mah mobile power supply, sustainable boot 6-8 hours)
8.Product Properties:neon sign,backpack,hologram,neon signs Product 9.Features:Backpack with Display,Technological sense, trend Highlights:Smart APP Control,wifi backpack Product Category:Pixel Bag,Smart Backpack,Pixel Bag,led backpack

10.Note: Due to transportation problems, the package does not wear mobile power, please prepare it yourself.

Text language supported by the 2.0.0 version of the App:

English, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Italian, Latin, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Russian


All the above products are used in the same way, but the appearance is different, please rest assured to buy.

【How to use】:

Download LED Space app from Google Play Store or App Store. Connect your power bank with the internal USB port (Inside the backpack). Connect the YS+ device number WIFI hotspots. Password:12345678. After successful connection, open the LED Space app to customize your digital art. You could add subtitles, gif animations, images through the app and will be displayed on the LED screen. Or use it for advertising. The backpack is compatible with any more than 2A-output mobile power supply. A 10,000 mAh mobile power bank lasts about 6 hours for the backpack. More infos, pls check the product manual.